Ombré Fun with Lipsticks

Lipsticks Used (Currant Lip Liner, Rebel, Up the Amp, & Nicki 2Ombré! Ombré! Ombré!  When I first heard of the trend ombré I was absolutely confused.  What does ombré mean?!

Definition of OMBRÉ:

-having colors or tones that shade into each other; colors are graduated from light to dark.

After researching and trying to figure out what ombré meant to the makeup world, I have found definitions which indicated that ombré requires colors that are monochromatic, but I have found work from other makeup artists where the colors were not monochromatic (meaning they did not have different tints and shades derived only from one hue).  Some makeup artists mix various colors (for example blue, green, and yellow) to create an ombré look. What are your thoughts on ombré? Do you think ombré should encompass tints and shades derived from just one color? What colors would you used?  Check out a couple of ombré lips I created over the weekend for fun!!

*Sidenote – Some would consider my ombré lips to be monochromatic…In one lip I used different shades of pink and in the other I used different shades of purple.  But I will say I love when MUA’s use various color trends to create their ombre effect 🙂

Author: Tiffani Henry

Welcome to my blog where I hope to bring readers love, happiness, and inspiration from my life. Here I will share my interests and life experiences as a creative outlet for my thoughts, ideas and passions. From being an auntie, godmommy, daughter, sister, best friend, and work-a-holic; I can be a jack of all trades.

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