TEMPTU “Flawless Complexion Kit” Review

Temptu AIRbrush
Temptu AIRbrush

I have always wondered about airbrush and whether there was much of a difference between it and regular foundations (cremes, liquids, & powders).  As mentioned in my previous post “2013 IMATS New York Make Up HAUL – What’s in my IMATS bag?“, I bought the TEMPTU Flawless Complexion Kit this past April in New York.  Here I will provide a personal review on the system and its foundations.

First, let me provide you with the items included in the “Flawless Complexion Kit” by TEMPTU.  This kit includes the following products:

  • Airbrush Makeup System 2.0
  • 1 Airpod Foundation
  • 3 Pod Stand
  • Clear Makeup Bag

I purchased the kit for $149 and purchased an additional airpod foundation for $45 for a total of 194 plus tax.  Here are some “before and after” pics.

Oh the joys of no makeup (covers eyes)
Oh the joys of no makeup (covers eyes)
Simply Airbrushed
Simply Airbrushed

Now for the review…..


  • This system is very hygienic; especially for use on others.  The way the system is set up allows you to simply switch out the airpods without having to worry about mixing products, cleaning between products, and the transfer of bacteria from our hands, face, etc.
  • The airbrush gun is clean, sleek and requires minimal cleaning.
  • The foundation application with this system is amazing! My foundation was very airy and light, even when building the foundation to be more full coverage.
  • It cut down the amount of time I usually need when applying foundation.
  • With this system it was very easy to switch between my two foundation shades without having to clean the gun between applications.  All you have to do is switch the airpod foundations.
  • The airpod foundation did not leave my skin feeling oily and my foundation lasted for a significant amount of time.  I did my makeup for work one day using this airbrush system and foundation; it literally lasted the entire day….foundation was flawless.
  • I found that this foundation works well with my skin.  I did not have any breakouts or skin irritations from the foundation AND I have sensitive skin.
  • The foundation matched my skin perfectly!


  • When applying the foundation around my nose, I felt as though I was inhaling foundation.
  • I had a hard time applying the foundation around my nose area as far as coverage.

*Side thought – Really Tiff? You consider these to be cons? Lol I’m just saying!*

Okay so no I really don’t think what I have listed above as cons are REALLY cons.  I think that my struggle as far as my nose goes can be eliminated but I wanted to provide some of my initial thoughts about the systems as a first time user.  I’m sure I won’t have these issues as I continue to use the system and become more familiar with it.

Side by Side (Before & After)
Side by Side (Before & After)

Overall, I LOVE this airbrush system!! This was definitely worth the investment as far as money.  I loved the application and finish of the foundation.  It doesn’t require that much time to apply and truly gave me a flawless look.  What are your experiences with the Temptu Airbrush Systems? Do you love or hate it?  What are your thoughts?

Author: Tiffani Henry

Welcome to my blog where I hope to bring readers love, happiness, and inspiration from my life. Here I will share my interests and life experiences as a creative outlet for my thoughts, ideas and passions. From being an auntie, godmommy, daughter, sister, best friend, and work-a-holic; I can be a jack of all trades.

2 thoughts on “TEMPTU “Flawless Complexion Kit” Review”

  1. For applying airbrush to your nose it helps to sometimes stick a little cotton in your nostrils, or breathe out. Also, don’t forget to use a sponge to dab around your nose to set the foundation right in the creases. 😉 Just a little tip from a fellow artist! You look beautiful by the way, this is why I LOVE airbrush!

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