Spicy Cilantro-Garlic Shrimp

Pinterest is the one of the best places to find a variety of recipes.  One that I found the other day and had to try was a recipe for Spicy Cilantro-Garlic Shrimp.  I often cook with shrimp and definitely love spicy food.  The pin on Pinterest directed me to the recipe found here.  However, if you checkout the link at the bottom of the recipe it takes you to more detailed instructions at Hispanic Kitchen.  I followed the recipe from Hispanic Kitchen but added 2 1/2 teaspoons of chili paste as indicated in the first recipe.  I separated the shrimp into two parts wrapped in foil.  After letting the shrimp marinate for 45 minutes, I cooked the shrimp in the oven set at 325°F for approximately 25 minutes (make sure to keep an eye on it).   Next I set the oven to 350°F and cooked an additional 5 minutes.  Serve over rice or even as a Salad Topping/Dressing :-).  Thanks to Sonia Mendez Garcia and Sweet Daily Blog for sharing such a great recipe!!

Trinidad-Style Curry Chicken

I wanted to share with you today my love for cooking.  For a while I have been wanting to try this recipe I found on Pinterest.  Oh how we all love Pinterest!  Well the recipe is for Trinidad-Style Curry Chicken.  It was posted on Pinterest by Steve (The Black Peppercorn).  You can find his recipe here.  Thanks Steve for this delicious dish!  I used chicken breasts instead of chicken drumsticks as a variation.  I was having difficulty cutting the tips of the drumsticks…needed a man for that job!  But let’s just say Vecoya and I no longer have a cutting board after my fiasco with the drumsticks :-(.  Here are a few pics of last night’s dinner.  Enjoy!

Cookie Butter Heaven

So I thought I’d share one of my addictions with you this Tuesday….Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter!  About a week ago my coworker Amanda insisted that I try this new spread (not really new…but new to us).  It has the consistency of peanut butter but tastes like gingerbread and is made from Speculoos cookies.  It’s absolutely amazing and addicting. I literally eat it straight from the jar and have found that it is amazing on Speculoos cookies too :).  Just ask my coworkers who absolutely love this delightful creation as well.

Qiana, Danielle, Tiffani & Cooking….Oh My!!

Qiana (Left) & Danielle (Right)
Qiana (Left) & Danielle (Right)

So this post isn’t about makeup, but I figured I do a post that is a little more personal.  Meet my lovely sisters Qiana and Danielle. Continue reading “Qiana, Danielle, Tiffani & Cooking….Oh My!!”


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